Drug testing is a part of the hiring process for many companies. Some will want to test all new hires, while others only test those who have been offered a job and are waiting to start work.

Drug testing is not required by law in the U.S., but it’s becoming more common, especially with safety-sensitive industries like transportation, manufacturing and construction.

Why Do Companies Drug Test?

Companies commonly drug test new hires because they want to make sure their new employees are safe on the job and won’t be a risk to themselves or others. Drug testing can also help companies weed out applicants who may be a bad fit for certain jobs.

If you think about it, there are many ways drugs can affect your work performance and safety:

You might have trouble keeping up with production goals if you’re under the influence of marijuana or other drugs that slow down reflexes and reaction time.

You might be more prone to accidents if you’re using drugs that cause drowsiness or paranoia (such as opioids).

You might get injured at work because you were high on cocaine when you cut yourself on machinery at work or fell off scaffolding while trying to fix the roof.

You might even get sick if you’re using drugs that cause nausea (such as opiates). The bottom line is that drug use at work can lead to a lot of problems.

Do All Companies Require A Drug Test?

No, not all companies require drug tests. Some employers may simply ask you to sign an agreement saying that you won’t use drugs at work or while on the clock. Other employers might conduct random drug testing (or test everyone on a certain day). Still other companies will only test if there’s reason to believe that an employee is using drugs. For example, let’s see does Kroger drug test? Kroger Company is a grocery store chain that requires all new employees to take a drug test. The company also conducts random testing throughout the year. Kroger’s policy is based on safety concerns and ensures that everyone who works at the store is healthy and able to do his or her job.

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