Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent form of false eyelashes that can last up to three months. They are applied one hair at a time to individual eyelashes by a trained professional. The technique is similar to that used for applying mascara, but instead of using an eyelash curler, the technician simply applies each extension with individual tweezers.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

The main benefit of lash extensions is that they provide a natural looking enhancement without having to wear heavy makeup or use false lashes every day. The process takes about two hours and involves applying small sections of lashes onto each natural lash. You can choose between different lengths and thicknesses for your new look depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle needs.

Lash extensions can be removed anytime without causing damage to your natural lashes or leaving any residue behind on the face or skin that may irritate it over time. It’s also possible to add more volume to existing lashes if desired by simply repeating the application process. Lash extensions are easy to maintain, and you can even go swimming with them on without any damage to your natural lashes or the extensions. You can also use mascara without worrying about how it will interact with the new lashes.

Can I Learn To Apply Lash Extensions?

Yes, you can learn to apply lash extensions! Applying them is easy and takes only a few days to master. However, it does require patience and a steady hand as well as some practice before you get perfect results. You can take an professional eyelash training course, such as Lash Scouts ‘ Eyelash Training Course, to learn the best techniques for applying lash extensions. They offer both in-person and online courses, so you can choose the one that fits best with your schedule. After taking the course, you’ll be ready to start applying lash extensions.

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