Contrary to popular belief, choosing names for cats can be a challenging task. As with children, a cat name must be carefully researched before attributed to the animal. Female cat names are different to male cat names in that they are often shorter and have softer intonations.

As is mentioned above, female cat names do present with more melodic and graceful sounds, however, choosing the name can be hard. Many individuals examine the cat’s personality traits and base their choice on this; whereas others may choose a name that is the opposite of particular traits. The latter is typically carried out by people with ironic senses of humor or individuals who wish to train the cat to behave in alternate ways. For example, a dark colored cat may be called Snow or an active cat may be named Dreamy.

Another factor to consider when browsing through female cat names is which name is most appealing to you. As you will be using it often to train or direct the cat, it is important that you enjoy the name and are not embarrassed by it. While it may be amusing to brand the animal with an ironic name, it must be noted that you will be required to call this name when outdoors taking the cat for a walk. A name that causes embarrassment, irrespective of how amusing, may be less appealing than a more common name.

Of course, certain female cat names have received more popularity and use than others. For example, Sophie and Missy are more popular than Kristin or Angela. Locating the perfect name can be easily done using the internet from sites like Cat Names Unique, or cat name books which can be purchased online or at retail stores.

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