Innovation is the backbone of progress and the engine that drives the world forward. However, protecting these innovations from being used without proper authorization is a crucial step in the innovation process. This is where patents come into play.

Defining A Patent

What is a patent? A patent can be described as an exclusive legal right granted by a particular state to an inventor. This right allows the inventor to prevent others from making, using, selling or importing an invention for a fixed period of time, typically up to 20 years. Patents are a part of intellectual property rights that also include trademarks, copyrights, and industrial design rights.

An Overview of Patent Types

Typically, there are three general types of patents that inventors can apply for, each serving a specific purpose:

Utility patents: These are granted to new and useful processes, machines, manufactures or compositions of matter. In other words, they are given for functional and useful inventions.

Design patents: These are offered for new, original, and ornamental designs for an article of manufacture. They protect the way an article looks as opposed to its utility.

Plant patents: These are given for asexually reproducing, distinct, and new variety of plants.

The Importance of Patents

Patents serve several purposes in the world of innovation and invention. Perhaps the most crucial is that they offer a means of protecting inventions. In economic terms, a patent can give a monopoly to the patent owner over the use of his or her invention. This restriction on competition can sometimes be a necessary incentive for inventors, who might otherwise be discouraged from innovating due to the fear that their ideas will be used by others without compensation.

Additionally, patents play a significant role in encouraging the dissemination of technological information. Since the patent document must contain a clear and complete explanation of the invention, it becomes a part of the global technical knowledge.

Securing Patents With InventHelp

InventHelp understands the intricacies of patent acquisition and maintenance. Their team of professionals is dedicated to aiding inventors throughout the entire patent process, from filing the patent application to the eventual publication of the patent. InventHelp has been helping inventors secure patents since 1986. If you have an idea that could benefit from a patent, contact InventHelp today to get started on your application.


Patents are an essential tool in the world of innovation. They stimulate economic growth, further technological advancement, and safeguard inventors’ ingenuity. InventHelp is committed to helping inventors navigate the path of patent acquisition and leverage their intellectual property to its maximum potential.

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