A meditation cushion is a piece of yoga equipment that is often used as a support during meditation or as a place to sit while on the floor. These cushions can be made of many different materials, including leather, suede, or cotton.

The use of meditation cushions has been traced back to ancient India, where they were originally used as pillows for sitting meditation. The cushions were later introduced into China by Buddhist monks and spread throughout Asia. Their use was later adopted by Westerners in the 1960s, when meditation became popular in the United States and Europe.

A typical cushion is made from thick woolen fabric that is stuffed with cotton or buckwheat hulls. It may also have padding at the top to help support the user’s back while sitting upright in an upright position with legs crossed underneath them.

The cushion is placed on the floor and supports the user’s upper body and back. In addition to sitting upright, these cushions also help maintain correct posture by aligning the spine and allowing it to settle into its natural curvature. The meditation cushions are available in a variety of sizes, so people can choose one that suits their height and weight.

The meditation cushion is designed to provide comfort and support for your back and legs. It should be firm enough to support your weight without causing any discomfort or pain when you sit on it. However, if you find that the cushion is too dense or hard to sit on comfortably, then you can add more padding underneath it.

You can also choose a cushion with extra padding, such as a foam or gel insert. If you are using a meditation cushion designed for kneeling, then make sure that the height is appropriate so your knees don’t touch the ground when you sit on it.

Where To Find Meditation Cushions?

There are many places where you can buy meditation cushions, including online stores and brick-and-mortar stores. Yoga Tree is the best online yoga shop in Switzerland and has an extensive collection of meditation cushions. The shop also has a wide variety of yoga mats and other accessories for sale.

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