Psychotherapy is a process of healing by which a trained professional helps a person to learn more about his or her feelings and behaviors.

Psychotherapy can be helpful for a wide range of issues, including relationships, depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, low self-esteem and more.

Psychotherapy involves two people — the therapist and client — who work together over the course of several sessions to find solutions to problems that are bothering you.

Psychotherapy is different from counseling in that it usually lasts longer and involves more time spent talking with the therapist. Counseling may also be done by social workers or psychologists instead of psychiatrists.

The goal of psychotherapy is not necessarily to cure a specific problem but rather to help people develop insight into themselves so they can make changes on their own as needed.

Couples Therapy

Psychotherapy is also a useful tool for New York couples who are having problems that are interfering with their relationship. New York City couples therapy allows both partners to have an opportunity to discuss their feelings and work on resolving their issues together. The therapist can help both partners understand where each other is coming from, consider alternative viewpoints, and solve problems together.

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on the relationship between two people. Couples therapy can be helpful for couples who are dealing with issues such as communication difficulties, infidelity, anger management, jealousy or lack of intimacy. Many times, these problems stem from unmet childhood needs and unresolved issues from past relationships. A trained therapist can help couples understand their individual roles in the relationship and give them tools to improve their interactions with each other.

Couples therapy can help couples better understand themselves and each other. A trained therapist will ask questions about the couple’s relationship, including how they met, what their goals are for the future and how they would like to feel about one another. The therapist may also perform an assessment to determine if any mental health issues or substance abuse problems exist. Once these issues have been ruled out as causes of the problem, a treatment plan can be developed with goals that are specific enough for both partners to understand and commit to.


Couples therapy can be a powerful tool that helps a couple re-ignite the passion and love they once felt for each other. It can also help couples work through problems that threaten their relationship, including infidelity or abuse. Couples who are willing to explore their issues with a trained professional may find that their relationship improves dramatically.

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